Introducing the New Line of Reach-Ins

The Imbera solid door reach-in refrigerators are designed to be durable, dependable and convenient. Built with the highest industry standards, the units feature storage flexibility, eco-friendly refrigerant, and are easy to operate and maintain.

Product Spotlight

See why Imbera’s stainless-steel-framed, glass door design has been one of our most successful product launches to date. Because it’s built with the finest steel available, units maintain fewer dents and scratches, offering a beautiful product display that stands the test of time.

Black-on-Black Units by Imbera

The new Black-on-Black Imbera units were created with our end-users’ needs in mind. The all-black cabinets are available for all Imbera core units and offer a new take on the traditional sleek Imbera design and product display.

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Imbera’s in-house R&D team has developed proprietary technology and products to meet the needs of business owners just like you. We know that design, reliability, and sustainability are three most important factors for owners, so they serve as the three pillars to our innovative efforts.



Sustainability, from a corporate responsibility perspective, is the ability to generate the social, environmental, and economic conditions needed to operate today and grow in harmony with the environment and society.

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Operational cost for commercial refrigerators come in many forms: maintenance, repairs, and everyday usage over the course of the useful life of a unit. These indirect costs may not be included on the sticker price, but they do create a significant, ongoing cost associated with the equipment.

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